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Eclectic & Colorful Hood River Winery Wedding

Megan McCarty Taylor Ellsworth

What first struck me about Amber and Jason’s gorgeous and ultra-colorful nuptials were those stunning shots of the couple against the backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge—I’ve visited that view countless times and it still always manages to captivate me like it did the first time—kind of like the love that unites a couple in marriage (cheesy, I know, but true). I’m not sure what they had to do to keep Amber’s pretty vintage-inspired dress clean on the way up, but her stunning vintage bridal look paired with Jason’s hipster-charm look sure make a striking image. Moving on from my obsession with those shots—the details of this big day are just as swoon-worthy as the couple shots! There’s the embroidered map of Hood River, complete with the couple’s initials and a stitched state outline; there’s the gorgeous ceremony arch crafted from logs, jewel-tone florals and matching circular paper cutouts; the baskets of fresh produce marked with glittering table numbers—I could go on and on, but the photos will do it all more justice. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

From the photographer:

"Amber & Jason are just the bees knees. It's been a pleasure getting to know them, from their awesome Pearl district engagement session (check it out here) to their amazingly fun wedding day. This wedding was beautifully detailed and meaningful, and their reception was quite the party - even the band commented on the exuberant dancing and palpable spirit of everyone there. And the band! Bon Ton Roulet is awesome. There really is nothing like live music at a wedding, and this zydeco band does not disappoint. Amber & Jason are surrounded by so much love - this is the kind of wedding that reminds me why I love what I do."

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