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Honoring Heritage: Colorful Pakistani Wedding Celebration at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Gorgeously Traditional: “Every girl dreams about her wedding day, but in our culture it’s a celebration for the guests and families, not the bride and groom,” says Hira. “That didn’t keep me from planning a crazy weekend wedding celebration! Along with henna and matching makeup, a heavily embroidered red dress is the standard at every south Asian wedding. It took many long hours to be converted into a perfect Pakistani bride.”

Sweet Moments: “Afaq walked in surrounded by his groomsmen, followed by a sea of blue bridesmaids. It was then my turn to enter. With my father on one side and brother on the other, I was told to look down and appear shy. However, it only took a moment of temptation and I looked up and saw my husband smiling. That moment was priceless.”


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