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A Marvelous Time

Keyah Agoot

Caitlin Hammaker & Chris Lau

Married and celebrated: Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood

November 26, 2016

SUPERHERO CELEBRATION: “We often call ourselves the non-contiguous couple, because he is from Hawaii and I am from Alaska,” says Caitlin. “When we decided what superheroes we wanted to ‘be’ (for our cake toppers, attire colors, and bride’s mask), we decided that Chris would be Batman, and I would Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn), because other than being our two favorites, they are from different universes (get it, because D.C. and Marvel?), so it was perfect.”

ALOHA SPIRIT: “My family brought leis from Hawaii for everyone in the wedding party to wear, bringing some Aloha spirit to snowy Oregon,” says Chris.


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