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The More the Merrier: Classic Vintage Wedding at The Old Schoolhouse

Alisa Welch

Passion for Vintage: “My friends and family know of my love of vintage and antiques, so it was never a question what the wedding would look like!” says Jaclyn. “My inspiration came from my lifelong passion of collecting antiques. Many weekends were spent at Portland antique shows, antique shops and European flea markets with my mom, searching for treasures. I wanted the theme of the wedding to fit with my personality and style.”

Tears of Joy: “Despite being more of a man’s man, moments during the wedding exposed a romantic side of me I have rarely indulged,” says Darius. “It had been close to 20 years since I allowed myself to cry, yet my eyes watered up as soon as Jaclyn prepared to come down the aisle.”

Family Ties: “There was one moment in particular during the dancing portion of the reception, when Darius, Ava, Darius Jr. and I joined hands and danced together,” recalls Jaclyn. “It was an incredible feeling to think of how special it was that not only was I married to this wonderful man, but I was also now a step-mom to two incredible kids.”


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