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Over the Rainbow: Colorful Summer Wedding at Mt. Hood Organic Farms

Brittany Cox

Finding the Right Words: “We wrote our own vows. BJ extemporized, but I spent many a subway commute before the day rehearsing lines in my head,” says the bride, who, with her fiancé, planned the entire celebration from their home in Brooklyn, New York. “My mom and my dad together delivered what is traditionally the ‘father of the bride’ speech, which wasn’t in their first language or native tradition, but they nailed it. This was followed by a memorable series of toasts—and roasts—from very dear family and friends.”

Beautiful Views: “The highlight was the rainbow that appeared after our first dances. On one side, we were treated to a glorious rainbow arching over the intricate woodwork of the greenhouse,” says Susan. “On the other side, the clouds parted in a rosy sunset framing Mount Hood. Everyone dashed out for spontaneous group photos. Sometimes the surprises are best!”


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