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Pastel Passion : Wedding Traditions With a Twist

Donna Atwal & Bhavin Choksi

Married and celebrated:

Saffron Fields Vineyard, Yamhill

July 9, 2016

All Inclusive: “One of our favorite details was having a ‘groom squad’ and ‘bride tribe,’ because in traditional Indian weddings, there is the group of friends (men and women) who represent the bride’s side and the groom’s side,” says Donna. “We asked all of them to wear pastels. It didn’t matter if it was a dress, suit, saree or any other traditional attire, just that it was pastel. We wanted to highlight how amazingly different our friends are, but yet there was one thing in common: their love for us.”

Personalized Celebration: “Indian weddings are normally grand, colorful and bright, and we love that! However, that’s not us,” says Donna. “We wanted our wedding to have a summery bohemian feel to it; we wanted everything to be simple yet elegant. We decided to keep the theme to be very earthy and light, therefore we stuck to more greens and using accents like lemons rather than flowers.”


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