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Picnic in the Park: An All-White Rose Garden Wedding

White Wedding: Inspired by an all-white-attired pop-up dinner party, the couple asked all guests to wear white and to hop on a pink trolley that transported them to an undisclosed location. When guests arrived at Washington Park’s Shakespeare Garden, they found individual picnic blankets and baskets with a note expressing the couple’s love of picnics. “We asked that they immediately pop the champagne and picnic,” says Michelle. “I rounded the corner to walk down the aisle, saw all the guests in white enjoying picnics, heard all the champagne corks pop and then looked up and saw Brian. That was one of my favorite moments.”

And the Bride Wore Yellow: Though the couple’s cheeky invitations asked guests to wear white and not “cream, ivory, champagne or tan,” the couple did want to stand out in the sea of white, so the bride wore a custom pale yellow gown and the groom wore a blue suit.

Food and Festivities: After the ceremony, the party moved to Olympia Provisions in Northwest Portland, which Michelle co-owns. Continuing the white theme, the restaurant was awash in white from the draping on the walls to the flowers and candles on the tables. “My family is Greek, and we like family-style dining where the meals last for a couple of hours,” says Michelle. And what a feast: seafood platters and charcuterie for the first course, a salad course, then a main course of fillet of salmon and a prime rib roast with all the sides. “People still talk about the food and wine we had,” says Brian of the festivities that went into the night. “It’s tradition for Greeks to break plates—I’d have to ask Michelle, but I think some were broken.”


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