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Picture Perfect Romance at Lumos Wine Company

Alisa Welch

“We have long admired the love and commitment displayed between Ellie and Carl in the Disney Pixar film Up,” says Sadie of the 2009 film with a bittersweet romance between an adventurous Ellie and a cautious Carl. To pay tribute to that romance, Sadie walked down the aisle to the theme song from the movie, and Korey wore a grape soda bottle cap “Ellie Badge” on the strap of his suspenders.

“After over a year of planning for their picturesque Oregon wedding, Sadie and Korey woke up to just that: an Oregon wedding. A day that consisted of pouring rain, with absolutely no breaks,” says the couple’s photographer, Monique Serra. “I kept reassuring Sadie that regardless of the weather, their day would be perfect, and that she would be marrying her best friend, her high school sweetheart.”

“Once we signed our marriage license, we walked from the cabin to the barn, where our reception was about to begin. It was the most perfect moment. It was our first time alone together after saying, ‘I do,’” says Sadie. “It was a relieving breath of fresh air after the fast-paced motions of preparing for a wedding. We walked side by side, through the mud and the rain, towards our loved ones, who waited so eagerly and savored our first moments as husband and wife.”


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