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Rustic Simplicity: Wedding in West Linn

INSPIRATION: Fiala Farms, a third-generation working farm in West Linn, was this couple’s clear choice for their “garden party on a farm” says Mary. “We wanted it to feel airy and light and easy, but still with classy and sophisticated touches.”

SWEET DETAILS: Mary’s childhood love of cinnamon rolls fresh from the bakery inspired the platter of delectable iced sweet breads that took the place of a traditional wedding cake. “I think I ate about five that day and a few more the next day,” laughs the bride.

FLOWERS: A classic bridal bouquet by Zest Floral and Event Design combined blush-pink cabbage roses, dahlias and eucalyptus while the centerpieces took on a breezy sensibility with extra-large pink dahlias in glass mason jars.

TENDER MOMENTS: “After the ceremony, Mary and I got to spend some time together, just the two of us, recalls John. “We were down by my classic Mercedes, in the shade, just kind of taking it all in. It was the first time we were alone as a married couple and it felt great."