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Snowy Bliss: Rustic Wedding at Winter Range Ranch

The Couple: A mutual friend played matchmaker when Steven, then living in Minnesota sent Stephenie, living in her hometown of Bend, an e-mail. Before long the two were living a real-life You’ve Got Mail, and a year and a half later, Steven moved to Oregon to be with his future bride, where he proposed at the end of an elaborate scavenger hunt.

The Design: In true Oregon fashion, in the days before Stephenie and Steven’s wedding, 60 degrees and sunny gave way to a blizzard. Members of the bridal party scoured Bend for elements that would turn the fall wedding into a winter wonderland, picking up fur coats for the bridesmaids and space heaters. Fatefully, the snow outside made the twinkle lights strung from the rafters and 1,000 tea lights in mason jars glow that much more—and the cold forced the guests to dance to stay warm.