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Sweet Surprises: Cozy Winter Wedding at The Colony

Awwww Factor: With the wedding so close to Christmas, the couple incorporated a few holiday touches, including the bride’s baby niece being pulled down the aisle in a sleigh by the bride’s nephews. Other cozy moments included a hot toddy cocktail for guests served fireside and a handful of Christmas songs sprinkled throughout the reception.

Averting Disaster: Wedding planning brought out the best for this couple, who realized a few things about themselves. “We can accomplish anything together when we keep it light and fun,” says Joy. “This includes buying a completely new wedding dress together 48 hours before the wedding, after the first dress had a major alteration fail.”

Photo Finish: “Our photographer, Phil Chester, who always found creative opportunities, pulled us aside mid-reception with a surprise,” recalls the couple. “He led us to a room where he had prepared a projector displaying incredible backgrounds against a huge wall, and we had a mini photo shoot. It was an unexpected treat, and the photos are so fun.”


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