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Woodland Whimsy Wedding

Married: Cathedral Park, Portland

Celebrated: Castaway, Portland

October 25, 2015

SENSING A THEME: “We set out to incorporate vendors that highlight Portland’s culture, greenery and the great outdoors. This developed into what we affectionately dubbed ‘woodland chic,’” says Melissa.  “She’s the creative one,” chimes in Ryan. “My input and inspiration were essentially as follows: lots of texture, beer, whiskey, coffee and absolutely something that showcased our mutual love for woodland creatures and their home.”

PUTTING DOWN ROOTS: “In lieu of a unity candle, we had a tree-planting ceremony where both sets of parents brought soil from their homes. Ryan and I added the soil to a potted tree to signify the foundation that our families have given us to build upon, which will help to nurture our relationship as it grows.”

CUSTOM CUISINE: “We worked with Ruby Jewel’s mixologist to develop a custom ice cream flavor,” says Melissa of their wedding’s meaningful menu. “Sterling Coffee Roasters helped us create custom 2-ounce coffee bags and we had late-night snacks thanks to Koi Fusion’s food truck.Sterling Coffee Roasters and Koi Fusion’s food truck were two of the first places he took me to in the city, and it made it very special to have them as vendors at our reception.”


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