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Rock Paper Coin: The New Wedding Technology

Seal the deal with Bridal Bliss' wedding planning service.
Drew Dakessian
Rock Paper Coin

Nora Sheils knows weddings. Her company, Bridal Bliss, is one of the most popular wedding planners in the greater Portland area. Now, with a unique new platform called Rock Paper Coin (RPC), Sheils has taken her know-how online to streamline the wedding-planning process.

Traditionally, planning a wedding has meant a lot of snail-mailing, faxing and check-writing. But RPC, which Sheils founded with her sister-in-law Elizabeth in August 2019, enables members to sign vendor contracts digitally and submit electronic payments on the spot.

“Couples getting married today expect instant gratification,” explains Sheils, adding, “They don’t even know where their checkbook is!”

According to Sheils, one thing that sets RPC apart technologically is that it gives couples the option to hand over the reins to their wedding coordinator. If a couple does choose to share access, their coordinator can do the heavy lifting for them, reviewing vendor contracts and even making payments on their behalf. “We’re really trying to revolutionize the way the wedding industry does business,” says Sheils, “and help people along the way.”

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