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A Rustic Celebration at Black Butte Ranch

Danielle Crough & Spencer Director
Deanna deBara

When it was time to shop for her wedding gown, Danielle Crough took a walk down memory lane before she walked down the aisle. “Fun fact: I used to work at The White Dress Bridal Boutique in Portland, and that’s where I bought my dress,” says Danielle. “It was fun to be on the other side while shopping for my dress.”

Danielle and Spencer knew they wanted their floral arrangements to complement the natural beauty of Black Butte. “Our wedding happened during the Central Oregon fires, so instead of the bright blue sky and white-capped mountains, we had a grayish pink sky and moody background,” says Danielle. “I told my florist, Summer Robbins-Sutter, that I wanted an Anthropologie vibe, and she nailed it! The soft golden roses mixed with the vibrant pinks and oranges went together perfectly.”

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