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Rustic Wedding in the Forest of Jasper House Farm

Natalie Thorpe and Bobby Sorensen were married surrounded by bohemian accents and lush greenery.
Emily Feig

Simply Bohemian
Deep in the forest of Jasper House Farm, high school sweethearts Natalie Thorpe and Bobby Sorensen tied the knot. Their venue was decorated with crocheted accents, a vintage rug as the dance floor and hanging string lights, perfectly fulfilling the simple, bohemian wedding the couple had in mind. “I can’t imagine a better celebration of us and the commitment we made to each other and God than the one we had,” Natalie said.

Bare Details
The barn was furnished with bare wooden tables that were decorated with long boughs of greenery running along their centers, befitting the natural ambiance of Oregon’s great outdoors. Their memorable evening was filled with several distinctive details, including a custom neon sign above the bar reading “The Sorensens,” a decorative globe for all their guests to sign and a Volkswagen photo bus (quite fitting since Bobby is a Volkswagen technician!).

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