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A Safe and Elegant Union at The Oregon Golf Club

Jennifer and Davis' California modern celebration tastefully accented the natural grounds of The Oregon Golf Club with Pacific neutrals and bold matte blacks.
Nicole Wu

Married and celebrated: The Oregon Golf Club

Date: September 26, 2020

Because of COVID-19 safety concerns, Jennifer Marks and Davis Head pivoted from a modern industrial wedding at Everett West in the Pearl District to a California modern celebration at The Oregon Golf Club, a venue that affords a large outdoor space for guests. Though it wasn’t what they originally envisioned, this shift was a perfect fit for Davis and Jennifer, who are both from Northern California. They combined their love of Pacific neutral shades with a touch of modern that complemented the natural grounds of The Oregon Golf Club. To achieve the modern feel that Davis and Jennifer were imagining, Luxe Productions incorporated a matte black color for the signage and menus. Since their big day was taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple’s priority was their guests’ safety. A creative way to ensure everyone felt comfortable was to use color-coded wristbands for guests, with colors indicating each guest’s comfort level for social distancing. From the couple’s first dance to “Love Is a Wild Thing” to their last twirl to “Sweet Caroline,” Jennifer and Davis danced their way into the next chapter of their lives.

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