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Special Delivery: 7 Inspiring Ways to Invite Your Guests

Lindsay Gard

Wedding invitations are more innovative than ever before! We’re seeing a mixture of materials being used such as acrylic, leather, linen and more. A lot of artists are even handmaking paper for a textured look. The options are endless! Keep scrolling to see seven inspiring stationery suites from local designers.

1. Pretty Packaging by Tie That Binds

wedding invites

2. Mixed Materials by Letters & Dust

wedding invites

3. Color Coordinated by Perfect Salt Studio

wedding invites

4. Playful Patterns by Crave Design

wedding invites

5. Custom Calligraphy by Old City Mailroom 

wedding invites

6. Lovely Liners by Katie Hoffman Ink

wedding invites

7. Stylish Stamps by Kelsey Malie Calligraphy 

Ultimate Wedding Checklist!

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