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SPOTLIGHT: Floral Trends That Are Blooming

Industry experts reveal what flower trends are blossoming this spring and how to level up your florals
Laura Cross

Spring is finally in full bloom and if you're one of the lucky ones saying "I do" this season, you have the advantage of selecting from a variety of the most gorgeous and vibrant flower specimens. We asked our local wedding experts to weigh in on what's popular this season when it comes to blooms. Scroll down to see what spring trends are standing out this year.

How can you elevate a traditional floral arrangement?

For brides with a tighter budget at the reception I suggest they have a couple bigger floral installations and then the rest of the reception tables can be more simple. That way you can still have that dramatic wow factor without breaking the budget. 
~ Jennie Steitberger, Events By Jennie

Add an interesting vessel that reflects the design aesthetic. Your flowers are gorgeous, and you're doing yourself a disservice if you're asking your florist to just toss them in regular old glass hurricanes. 
~ Ashley Lachney, Alston Mayger Events

We are elevating the more traditional arrangement ideas by incorporating more body florals and not just focusing on a bouquet or a centerpiece. We are inspired by flowers as adornments! Floral back pieces, floral collar bone or facial accents, flower earrings and hair pieces, and colorful veils with flower detailing; these are all of the things we hope to see this spring! We are also excited to incorporate more eco-friendly confetti by utilizing colorful dried flowers; not only is this better for the environment, but this adds another fun way that florals can be an accent on your special day.
~ Nicole-Amanda Simon, Amanda Claire & Co.

What colors or palettes are currently "in bloom" ?

Ivory and cream with pops of cinnamon, terracotta, and blush are reigning in my design boards lately. Couples are after classic yet elevated events that reflect a lush and luxe garden party vibe.
~ Ashley Lachney, Alston Mayger Events

We are super excited about florals that are wild, crazy, and colorful! We are inspired by looks that are a bit funky and weird and are more of a statement rather than a timeless classic. We are love incorporating bright colors like hot pink, marigold orange, teal blue, lemon yellow and seafoam green; and yes, I mean incorporating them all together! We want to play with lots and lots of textures, even using different thistles, other spiky flowers and even dried flowers to give our arrangements more playfulness and depth. We are truly hoping to transform floral decor into a different kind of focal point on your big day. We want to elevate the more traditional floral arrangement concepts by focusing on many different kinds of floral accents that work together to become a cohesive and impressive expression of femininity and creativity!
~ Nicole-Amanda Simon, Amanda Claire & Co.

I am currently seeing a lot of bright colors and a lot of pinks being used. Many more ceremony flowers are being used than before. Many brides want a dramatic entrance and aisle.
~ Jennie Steitberger, Events By Jennie

What are some floral trends you're seeing this spring?

We are seeing more blossoming trees as decorative statements as well as the incorporation of branches, twigs and other airy components. Gone are the days of heavy and dense arrangements! This year is all about dainty, airy, and playful constructions with wild and untamed blooms! Spring florals are jump starting the 2023 Wedding Season with wild colors, whimsy, and a plethora of unique ways to create a series of light, playful accents that tell a feminine story of beauty and light!
~ Nicole-Amanda Simon, Amanda Claire & Co.

I am seeing with my couples are bold, dramatic and romantic. Many are asking for a wedding design that incorporates unique floral arches in various shapes, elegant cascading flowers, floral borders that combine various colors and textures, suspended abstract designs, floral ceilings, and floral chandeliers.
~ Jennie Steitberger, Events By Jennie

We are seeing so many wildflower-inspired shoots and weddings floating around right now. As the ground begins to thaw on some of the PNW's most beautiful trails, Mother Nature's light dusting of floral pathways is driving design that reflects the pretty mountains over and over again. 
~ Ashley Lachney, Alston Mayger Events

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