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A Vibrant Winery Wedding Day in the Willamette Valley

Kathryn and Peter's colorful Portland nuptials
Lara Burnap

Portland born and bred‭, ‬Kathryn Wessinger and Peter Maletis felt as if they had attended events at every venue in town‭, ‬so finding‭ ‬something new was important to them‭. ‬Amaterra‭, ‬in the West Hills of Portland‭, ‬was everything Kathryn and Peter had envisioned‭. ‬Opened in January 2022‭, ‬the beautiful winery was close to home and beautiful‭, ‬with sweeping views from its hilltop location‭; ‬best‭ ‬of all‭, ‬it was perfect for dinner‭, ‬dancing and a party atmosphere‭. ‬Kathryn’s idea for a ground-up ombre aisle was inspired by a photo she had found of ombre arrangements of carnations lining a black checkerboard hallway‭. ‬A clean‭, ‬bright look‭, ‬lots of candles‭, ‬an anemone bouquet and baby’s breath were her main requests‭. ‬“We wanted it to be a party‭!‬”‭ ‬emphasizes Kathryn‭. ‬“An open bar and packed dance floor were a priority‭.‬”‭ ‬Bridal Bliss and Blüm Floral Design delivered a chic ceremony design‭, ‬starting with the ombre-designed aisle and culminating in a dreamy baby’s breath and white rose arc‭. ‬The reception incorporated bright end-of-summer shades of pink‭, ‬orange and yellow‭. ‬And the dance floor‭? ‬Packed‭, ‬thanks to the Oncore Band‭, ‬which kept the guests dancing the night away‭. ‬

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