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Weekend Long Multicultural Wedding

Jennifer & Aditya had a weekend long multicultural celebration at Castaway Portland.
Sara Hubbard

Jennifer Laster and Aditya Baradwaj had the best of both worlds during their weekend-long celebration of love‭, ‬with an intimate‭ ‬ceremony on Thursday‭, ‬followed by a splendid Indian reception on Saturday‭. ‬The couple exchanged vows surrounded by sweeping views of the Columbia River Gorge with Mount Hood peeking out beyond‭. ‬Jenny wore jewelry from both her grandmother and Aditya’s grandmother as she shone in a sweetheart-neckline gown with an embellished bodice‭. ‬With just their immediate family present‭, ‬the couple drew the small audience into the ceremony by passing the rings to everyone present and having them say a wish or prayer‭. ‬Once it was all said and done‭, ‬Jennifer and Aditya enjoyed a catered brunch with their families before making their way back‭ ‬to Portland‭. ‬Come Saturday‭, ‬everyone was ready to party at the reception‭. ‬The couple wanted to integrate Aditya’s Indian heritage into the celebration‭, ‬with Jennifer wearing a hand-beaded sari—a gift from India‭, ‬courtesy of her newly minted parents-in-law—and Aditya looking dapper in a traditional sherwani‭. ‬Florals in bright‭, ‬bold purples and oranges kept the atmosphere light and fun‭. ‬After a cocktail hour‭, ‬guests were treated to a variety of food stations that featured Indian food from a local restaurant and Northwest fare‭. ‬To close out the evening‭, ‬Jenny changed back into her wedding dress for a night of dancing under the stars‭. ‬

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