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A Bright Beginning: A Vibrant Fun-Filled Wedding Celebration At The Evergreen In Portland

Shelby Slaughter

Dan Kitrosser and Jordan Siegel knew that whatever wedding theme they chose, they wanted their celebration to feel like a true reflection of themselves. When Pinterest-induced inspiration overload took hold, the pair abandoned the idea of a theme altogether and opted instead for a color scheme of eclectic hues to make their wedding day feel bright and happy.

“Since there’s very little blueprint for how a wedding should look for two men, it really freed us to do whatever our hearts and eyes desired. We had mismatched amber bottles with flowers, multicolored felt-ball garlands, and crayons for kids to draw on the butcher paper lining all the tables,” Jordan says.

The wedding and reception were filled with memorable moments, but one of Jordan’s favorites occurred during the ceremony when Dan surprised him by playing an original love song on the piano about the new adventures that they would share as a married couple. “He got a standing ovation, of course, and I watch the video of it nearly every day,” says Jordan.

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