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All That Glitters: Bridal Jewelry Tips from Portland Designer Mandalena Jones

Megan McCarty Taylor Ellsworth

Get to know Mandalena Jones, the creative mastermind behind Portland's Mandalena Jewelry. We ask the designer some introductory questions (spoiler: she's a big fan of thinking outside the (jewelry) box!) and get her advice on accessorizing with your wedding dress.

How long have you been designing jewelry?

I’ve been designing jewelry since 2005 – ten years.

What makes bridal jewelry different?

My jewelry is different because it’s unique, not mass produced, and it's tailored to my individual clients. I tend to produce limited quantities and many one-of-a-kind pieces. My jewelry is in a state of change and is constantly evolving, therefore it always inspires interest.

What advice can you offer brides looking to select memorable jewelry that will complement their wedding day look?

I have many options for brides and I offer free consulting. Brides can choose designed pieces from the studio or my website, or I can assist them with their styling needs and custom create pieces specifically to their dress. Brides can also bring in vintage estate pieces or choose from my private collection to restyle a unique heirloom piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Mandalena Jones: Bridal Jewelry Tips - Oregon Bride Magazine

What is the biggest mistake brides make when selecting their jewelry for the big day?

I find that brides either over-accessorize or under-accessorize. I like to assist brides and collaborate on styling ideas while giving examples of how to create a balanced look. If a wedding dress is highly embellished and has texture, then simple jewelry is usually best. If the dress is a more simple, streamlined style, it’s fun to create a bold couture statement piece to add to it.

What is your favorite type of bridal jewelry to create?

Wearable, high-fashion statement pieces that can be worn even after their special day- something that you cannot find on every other bride.

What would you suggest for a bride who might want something a bit unconventional?

Many of my brides love statement pieces and some want to explore the possibilities. Because I am a jewelry designer and stylist at heart, I like to encourage brides to think out of the box and challenge their comfort level. When styled correctly, often my brides find that what they had envisioned but thought might be too out-there turns out to be a realistic, beautiful creation.

Mandalena Jones: Bridal Jewelry Tips - Oregon Bride Magazine

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