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A Breathtaking Wedding at Smith Rock State Park

Nandita and Ryan's elopement-style ceremony celebrated the elements of a traditional Hindu wedding, their fondness of the outdoors, and most importantly, their love for each other.
Nicole Wu
Photo by Victoria Carlson

Date: September 3, 2020

With a breathtaking backdrop, Nandita Mani and Ryan Adams’ elopement-style ceremony at Smith Rock State Park paid homage to their mutual love for rock climbing. Originally intending to be married in a large Hindu wedding in May 2020, Nandita and Ryan were able to include their fondness of the outdoors in a way they wouldn’t have been able to do with more than 150 guests. The inspiration for the wedding theme expanded on the dramatic views of the state park with a fusion of high desert colors, such as rust, marigold and yellow, while still keeping the vibrancy of Indian weddings. Marigolds, orange roses and florals matching the orange and yellow palette made appearances throughout the event both in Nandita’s bouquet and in the floral arrangements on the reception table. Aspects of Nandita and Ryan’s Hindu vision also made their way into the design, with elements of a traditional Hindu wedding, such as a flower exchange symbolizing acceptance of one another as life partners, and an adaptation of the seven steps, with one step taken for each vow given. Celebration of Indian culture continued in the menu, which was carefully crafted into a blend of Pacific Northwest and Indian cuisines, such as cupcakes inspired by the classic Indian dessert gulab jamun. Nandita and Ryan’s wedding may have looked very different from what they had originally planned, but their intimate guest count of five gave them a chance to make their special day even more personal and memorable.

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